Sensitivity and subtle life of plants world

The Sound of the Wood was born out of the idea of ​​visually representing the spirit, aura, life of trees, and thus their song in the wind and in the world.

Since I was young plants, and in particular trees, have obsessed my imagination. 

I never considered them as inferior living beings, but I always believed that they have their own character, their own senses, they can communicate with each other and animals, adopting strategies to survive and to have a social life.

In these years, when environmental risks seems to me more urgent than ever, I feel the need to work on a project to give trees their voice back, remembering their magic and venerated spirit, showing their fragile essence, presenting them as communicative creatures, that can, even express themselves in their singular songs.

So, I collected a lot of photographs from the oldest sites in Europe, where I traveled and lived. I have been to the primary forest of Bialowietza (Poland), to the National Park of Plivitce (Croatia), to the beautiful forests of the Alps (Italy). And there I tried, through elusive images, to make trees voices resonate, catching the roar of the leaves in the wind or in the slight bubbling of water. 

My singing forest is the autumn-winter one, because it approaches death, the fastest possibility in front of a modern deaf civilization. Only by rescuing the sound of the wood, and its ancient language, the forest will be born again and the Spring may come back.

Yellow is the color of relationship
Wood - Plitvice National Park
Birches - Alpes
Lonely Fir - Bialowietza Park
The great beech
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